KLG-Europe joins Sinotrans

KLG-Europe joins a new family

At the end of 2019, important news surfaced about the future of KLG-Europe. Kees and Ad Kuijken, the entrepreneurs behind the KLG family, had been looking for a worthy successor, which they found in their Chinese partner, Sinotrans. Since 2013, KLG cooperated with China’s largest logistics company, and the brother Kuijken believe them able to expand the company whilst retaining the KLG culture. “Making the right decisions at the right time, in a responsible manner, with a clear vision and strategy, is part of good entrepreneurship. You have to carefully take into account the continuity and growth of your company, the interests of your staff, your clientele and your foreign agents and networks”, said Ad and Kees Kuijken.

New opportunities for KLG-ITM

In the Sinotrans acquisition, the entrepreneurs Kees and Ad Kuijken excluded the Chinese branch of the KLG family. Seeing lucrative future potential, they decided to ‘spin off’ KLG-ITM as a separate company. This means that our company will continue our activities in China and Europe. following the acquisition, KLG-ITM and Sinotrans have moved even closer together, as our cooperation continues.

For KLG-ITM, the future is very bright but a big change is coming, KLG-ITM is going to rebrand. In line with our Logistics 2.0 agenda, our company is preparing to blow a fresh wind in the old sector of cross-continental logistics. Though many of the exact details remain a mystery until the actual rebranding, you can be sure that the youthful and enthusiastic KLG-ITM team is preparing to get rid of some of the old and introduce some of the new. With a whole range of new opportunities and changes, our company is ready for the coming years.

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