Our company

KLG-ITM is an acronym for the international logistics companies Kuijken Logistics Group (NL) and Intermax (CN). Our company was born out of a cooperation between these two partners, who aimed to combine the very best of both Europe and China into a single joint venture. Even though KLG-ITM continued independently since 2020, we still carry the pride of the KLG origin.

Our venture was initiated in 2013 and quickly expanded to the point where we personally own warehouses in several major port cities in China. By utilizing both Dutch and Chinese strengths and expertise to successfully implement customized logistics solutions for global clients in China

Our mentality

We believe that reliable sluppy chain solutions are crucial in the sustainability of any business, both large or small, and managing them can often be a challenge. At KLG-ITM, we therefore specialize in solving problems, not just for you, but with you. Our aim is to develop tailor-made solution to every logistical problem you face. Hence, the motto we use; ‘please, challenge us’.

Headquartered in the thriving city of Shanghai, KLG-ITM has the full arsenal of logistic services. Whether your need supply chain management, ranging from 4PL programs, warehousing, value added services, domestic transportation, freight forwarding (ocean, air, train), customs clearance (import & export) or project cargo handling, we have the solution your seek.

Our vision

Intercontinental logistics and supply chain services presently still utilize outdated practices to get the job done. At KLG-ITM, we envision to change the practices of the industry, though digitalisation and innovation. Instead of large amounts of paperwork, we aim for comprehensive online solutions. Instead of manual calls or updates on your shipment, we envision a digital portal with swift access to shipment details.

For a business to thrive, innovation is essential. We aim to take the old-style of the logistic sector and redesign it, to make it more fashionable and more effective. Via innovation, new opportunities can be accessed both for us, and our partners.